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The V.I.T.

Updates concerning your establishment and/or your activity are made on an online platform called V.I.T (Votre Information Touristique). 

This tool is shared by all the department's tourism stakeholders (ADT Marne, CRT Grand Est and Tourist Offices). It is therefore essential that you make your updates on this platform. This information allows the Paysages de la Champagne Tourist Office and all local actors to update their website.

V.I.T is a tool that allows you to update your tourism offer(s) at any time!

You update your data at your own pace. The changes you make are visible on the partners' digital media as soon as we validate the changes you have updated.

You have an essential role to play in the quality of your data and it is therefore important that you are able to include your prices, opening hours and periods in your offer(s)...

Quality information is therefore available to Internet users.


how to connect ?

First of all, please go to the web page : ..

Warning, connect through Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers only! and check that you are in the latest version(download Google Chrome / download Mozilla Firefox)

To connect, please have your login and yourpassword which were given to you. If you don't have them, contact the Paysages de la Champagne Tourist Office (03 26 58 32 86)

To help you, here is a step by step tutorial (made by our partner: the Tourist Office of Grand Reims).

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Of course, the Tourist Office team is at your disposal to help you update your information. Do not hesitate to contact us!