Little nibbles that are a blast!

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Little nibbles that are a blast!

Long before the birth of Le Mignon, there were Julien and Firmin Casters, two brothers who raised pigs and cereal crops in a family farm at in the heart of the Champagne countryside. Father, uncle, grandfather, ... the place has seen several generations. 

Pigs have been raised on the Tremblay farm for decades. They have always been born and raised on the farm, fed by the farm's cereals and whey from a local cheese factory. The manure they produce is used to naturally fertilize the soil. In short, we have a complete agricultural system here!

There was still something missing, the most important one perhaps: the link with the consumers. Because until now, the pigs went to the slaughterhouse, then to the supermarket

For a long time, Julien and Firmin have dreamed of being able to control the life cycle of their products to the end and therefore offer short circuit sales.

The point is simple:

Like them, many farmers and pig breeders work with passion every day to offer quality meat that meets the highest European standards. And yet, they remain disconnected from the purpose of their work: feeding people.

On the consumer side, it's not much better: we have lost confidence in industrial food. You need a magnifying glass to read the endless lists of ingredients that appear on supermarket packages. Brands try to promote the benefits of their products while continuing to add powders of perlimpinpin in their recipes. So much trickery! We no longer know what the right price is: the one that pays the producer and that, at the same time, does not knock out the consumer. And by the way, how much does a slice of ham cost in real life? 

So it's certain that we had to change all that! But the lack of time made years pass before this project could become a reality. To put it another way, at the Tremblay farm, we had a lot of ideas, but we were short of manpower. 

And then Caroline, Julien's companion, became interested in the idea! Caroline is a former executive in sustainable development, with the desire to make the world a little better, on her own tiny scale. When she fell in love with Julien, she also fell in love with a project that makes sense.

Food is a good angle to change the world, isn't it?

With three people, the project was finally going to see the light of day! The only small problem in the equation: none of the three merry men were butchers!

So Caroline took the plunge and knocked on every door in the vicinity until one of them opened and allowed her to stick her nose into the pie to find out about the business. The result? Delicatessen is a difficult job where you don't count your hours and where you are often not valued. So Caroline swore to herself: if one day we make our own pâté, we'll have to have fun !

Encouraged by this brief experience, Caroline, who had never cooked a roast in her life, started cutting up pigs and testing recipes, many recipes! There was something for everyone, sausages, terrines, ham, black pudding, and we had to taste everything!

The good thing about not knowing anything is that you can let yourself go! You can make whatever you want to taste and develop your own recipes, forgetting (a little) the conventions.

The guideline of the project then became clear: to make smut without smut!

As a result, their recipes contain only natural ingredients: their pork, of course, but also spices, herbs, vegetables, eggs, cream... and these ingredients, mostly of French origin and in season, they choose them with great care, from local producers when possible. 

Their values are those of GOOD taste, because it is above all necessary to enjoy oneself, of TRANSPARENCY in their activities and their recipes, for a new confidence in food, and of FUN because it is not any more to prove that one works better while having fun and being passionate by what one makes. LE MIGNON was born!

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A beautiful story and a range of products for all tastes! Terrines, cold cuts, stewed dishes, meats.... So much cuteness to discover and to taste without moderation!

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