Landscapes of hiking!

Step by step,

The "Paysages de la Champagne" are revealed !

When we say landscapes of Champagne, we imagine all these vineyard hillsides, these regular lines that stretch as far as the eye can see: landscapes shaped by the know-how and the hand of the men and women who cultivate this land. But between these vines, there is a wild Champagne area with varied and sometimes surprising landscapes!


Take the paths to meet it, get to know it in every season! Autumn brings its shimmering red and gold colors, winter and its harshness undresses the vines, spring wakes and reveals the vegetation and then the height of summer when the riches of Nature are in effervescence!

On the way to the micro-adventure!

Nature and vineyard hillsides

By Hills and Valleys

Surprising landscapes of Champagne !

Curves, peaks, vineyard hillsides, waterways, the landscapes of Champagne offer a wild and natural universe shaped by men's hands. These hikes offer landscapes that could surprise you!

Let yourself be carried by

The call of the forest

In all seasons

The Paysages de la Champagne are made up of superb forest massifs that reign over the Champagne countryside! Rural paths, meadows, waterways, ponds, crops, follow these small paths nearaby the vineyard that reminds you that you are in the heart of Champagne!

the ways to history

When nature rhymes with heritage

Architecture and landscapes

Charming villages, little secret places, flowery gardens, bucolic paths and discovery of the small heritage that wrote the history of our territory... these hikes offer the feeling of being elsewhere!

On earth or in the air

Split hairs!

An exciting world!

Discover a surprising and rare fauna and flora in Champagne! Become an explorer: binoculars and patience in your backpack, you will witness the dances of dragonflies, the lively conversations of frogs, the fascinating flights of birds of prey!

And for those who are passionate about plant treasures, go in search of wild orchids!