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The " Paysages de la Champagne "

Like nowhere else!

The " Paysages de la Champagne " are 4 versions of a surprising Champagne and its vineyard slopes which give rhythm to its landscapes!

The Montagne de Reims, regional natural park, vast promontory with multiple facets combining nature and Champagne traditions. The Marne Valley, an emblematic and surprising valley where water, forest, vineyards and Pinot Meunier are all present. The Surmelin Valley, a bucolic land of crops, pastures, remarkable forests and ponds that can be discovered by taking the schoolchildren's path. The Marshes of Saint-Gond, unique and wild natural heritage, offering a mosaic of discoveries and amazing archaeological treasures. These landscapes will offer you surprising panoramas, breathtaking from a wide angle, but also the privilege of discovering rare and secret places that make the Champagne region!

The Montagne de Reims


The Montagne de Reims is a vast promontory with multiple facets alternating vineyards, forests, farmland, valleys and rivers, giving rhythm to the daily life of the women and men who make it live. Classified in 1976, the Regional Nature Park now includes 65 rural communities, making it a first-class natural area of the Champagne region. In the heart of the vineyards and this natural area, let yourself be seduced by tourist itineraries combining nature and Champagne traditions, without forgetting numerous viewpoints that will make you appreciate the beauty of the landscapes.

La Maison du Parc Naturel de la Montagne de Reims
Chemin de Nanteuil - 51480 POURCY - Tel : 03 26 59 44 44

The Marne Valley

Vineyards and landscapes along the water

The Marne Valley offers a variety of landscapes where water, forest and vineyards meet. Villages appear in the heart of the vineyard hillsides or hide in the Flagot Valley. Churches, priories, castles crowned with forests are the pride of the inhabitants of the valley. Many sites reveal the secrets and know-how of the Champagne region. The imprint of the Great War also marks this territory, like the Memorial of Dormans, a site of memory not to be missed in Champagne.

The bucolic Champagne

The Surmelin Valley

Marked by its authenticity, its land of crops and pastures, punctuated by forests and ponds, the Surmelin Valley offers a bucolic landscape. This forest massif is a remarkable site of the Marne by the richness of its flora and fauna. The winding course of the Surmelin river runs through the villages, which bear its imprint: fountains and wash houses, mills and farms with stone fences... A journey through time that will surprise you.

The Marshes of Saint-Gond

MOzaic of fauna and flora

An emblematic and rare landscape, a unique vegetation: willows, tall grass meadows and very flowery during the summer, unique forests that have their feet in the water, you are in the heart of Marshes of Saint-Gond. The ponds and peat bogs bring character, the guardians are the marsh harrier, the harrier St. Martin, the spotted spoonbill, the great crested newt and the tree frog. A constantly changing environment to observe. More than 200 species of flowers have been identified, including the superb carnation, the great moor and the marsh peucedan. The Marshes of Saint-Gond site is also home to archaeological remains dating back 5,000 years. More than 120 burials dating from the Neolithic period with a unique feature in France: the hypogees, underground burials dug in the chalk, on the hillside.