A wine-tourism destination!

Champagnes and Men,

The different faces of the "Paysages de la Champagne" !

Put Champagne, champagne and the Champagne art of living at the heart of your stay! Come and "experience" wine tourism in the "Paysages de la Champagne" for a guaranteed change of scenery!

Experience an extraordinary break, close to the capital of Champagne. Take the Tourist Route and let yourself be surprised by the beauty of the vineyards where the winegrowers have been making their wines for generations, taking care to sublimate the Champagne terroir and working the finesse of the Chardonnay, the fruitiness of the Pinot Meunier and the strength of the Pinot Noir.

Passion as a profession

Meet talented men and women, who are proud of their roots and produce exceptional wines. They are full of imagination to satisfy your desire to discover, they make every effort to seduce you and make you discover the subtleties of the most famous of wines. Passionate people who perpetuate an ancestral know-how and share their love for their profession. They are always happy to share their knowledge with you.

During unique and authentic wine tourism getaways, they tell you all about their profession, their world and the story of the Champagne wines. They offer workshops, tastings, cellar visits, walks or unusual sports and leisure activities in the vineyard, immersion during the harvest, events throughout the year… Fun tours, gourmet tastings, expert advice to experience intimist and friendly moments… so many activities to help you discover the vineyard  and all the whole process of champagne production, from the vineyard to the cellars where thousands of bottles rest.

Ready for a bubbly immersion? Make your choice, you will be delighted!