The "her" version of champagne

"A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a flowing river. She goes where she wants without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself. prepared to be herself and only herself."

maya angelou

Champagne Angélique Lacroix, Montigny-les-châtillon


Angélique has experienced the hectic Parisian life of a successful entrepreneur! One evening, at 9:30 pm, when she found her daughter late at her nanny's, she looked at her and said "stop, we're going home"! Home? It's a small wine-growing village in the heart of Montagne de Reims... There she found her mom, a partner in laughter and life, and her protective, caring dad, her anchor. A modest man who follows his daughter's sometimes crazy projects! Angélique and her dad are love in the eyes, no need for words! On a day-to-day basis, she's an epicurean, a free spirit, a dreamer, a hard worker, as much a woman in a dress, in her man's arms, as in a vineyard outfit with pruning shears. These are the values she passes on to her daughter without a false note, except perhaps when Angélique tries her hand at singing! Her life is like the novel "Mange, prie, aime" by Elisabeth Gilbert, but with a Champagne twist!

His message in a bottle to the sea:
Love yourself!

Angélique's discovery of Champagne

For Angélique, it's her story as a woman and her family that she likes to share. A world of dreams, reality and love! Her heart is rooted in her terroir, and she loves to work her vines while keeping her mind so free! So passionate is she that she also offers a cottage on estate for a total immersion experience! 

Don't miss the winegrower's picnic in the heart of the countryside!

Champagne Yves Jacques, Baye


His pleasure cuvée: the "Eponyme" cuvée is the family history cuvée, a tribute to Yves Jacques, the patriarch of this close-knit family. 1/3 Chardonnay, 2/3 Pinot Noir for vanilla-wood aromas.

Pauline followed her heart, and it was for the love of a man and the beautiful values of family that she arrived in Baye 10 years ago. This is her recipe for happiness. She's a gentle person with a keen eye for life, which she nurtures with a natural curiosity that is sometimes impatient, as she herself says! Listen to her talk about her family history, and you'll sense that it's her fertile ground, just like her mother whom she admires. If she had to be a landscape, she'd be a garden full of pretty white roses! Passing on her passion is essential, so you'll find her hunting for objects and furniture that she loves to give a new look to, so as to continue their history! Pauline is sincerely cheerful, and we're sure to join in her spontaneous bursts of laughter, even if some of them can't be told here! As Cyril Lignac, whom Pauline adores, would say, her daily routine is "gourmand croquant"!

His message in a bottle in the sea:
You have to know how to give in order to receive

Pauline's discovery of Champagne
For Pauline, it comes from the heart, and from the family she works with on a daily basis, a big family with a big heart! In order to pass on these values and the traditions of the Champagne region, she welcomes visitors in a way that is as unique and varied as their cuvées! And Pauline is the smiling, fresh cuvée that will also make you want to discover her village.

where she knows all the secrets and bucolic spots she'd love to share with you!

Champagne Marina D, vandières


Her pleasure cuvée: "La cuvée Vieilles Vignes", 100% Meunier, is the champagne that moves Marina and brings back her childhood memories, since it comes from the oldest plots!

Marina knew she was going to be a passionate woman from a very early age, thanks to the theater, the stage she walked on as a child and for many years! She captures the light, a light that inhabits her in every moment, whether difficult or light. Marina is committed to everything she does, resilient in both the literal and figurative sense! A winemaker at heart, it's her life's work: working the land, creating her champagne wines, passing on knowledge, respecting nature, sharing in the festive moments she loves so much, where women are often in the limelight! And if we tell you that she admires Romy Schneider, does that surprise you? A woman of absolute femininity, committed, sometimes broken, skin-deep, modern for her time and free. Marina could be a landscape in Brittany, the sea rough, the sky mixed, but the granite proud, erect and strong. A landscape that carries you away and touches you.

His message in a bottle in the sea:


Discovering Champagne according to Marina
Marina will share her commitment as an independent winemaker with you through the cultivation of her vines, theelaboration of her cuvées, her daily life and unique moments of sharing! Her pleasure and driving force is to create festive moments, with delicacies, music and her trademark: the woman in Champagne!

From capsules to fashion shows, from laughter to passing on know-how, this is Marina's brand!

Champagne Roland Philippe, châtillon-sur-marne

Edwige and Chloé

Their pleasure cuvée: the "Chlo'Ice" cuvée, the house's latest creation, which combines finesse and fruitiness and is best enjoyed chilled with ice cubes and a slice of lemon!

Edwige and Chloé enjoy working together as mother and daughter, but also as women. There's a beautiful continuity between the two of them, perhaps because one of Edwige's first passions is dance, Modern Jazz, and she almost became a teacher, a passion she passed on to her daughter. Both different and independent, they share a love of their region and their village. Chloé recalls her childhood memories at the foot of Pope Urbain II, this timeless site that must surely have seemed so high and impressive to her when she was
little! And Edwige, for her part, loves to find herself at the foot of a tree near her village stream. These are women who love simplicity, authenticity and sincerity, moments punctuated by laughter between themselves, for their complicity is obvious, and with their friends! The moments of life are their inspiration, and if we tell you that one of their favorite books is "Ta deuxième vie commence quand tu comprends que tu n'en n'en avez qu'une" by Raphaëlle Giordano, we understand that Edwige and Chloé have this gift for making the most of every little moment of happiness!

Their messages in a bottle in the sea:
There are no coincidences, only appointments.
La vie est bellE!

Discovering Champagne according to "them

Edwige and Chloé are at once gentle and effervescent, independent and attached! They love to pass on the family history, which they've chosen to make sparkle in their own way by offering à la carte receptions featuring champagnes and gourmet treats! Food and wine pairings or picnics at the viewpoints,

It's essential for them to share their landscapes and the authentic nature they love so much!

Champagne Blaise-Lourdez, Damery


Cuvée Charmes, Isabelle's dream cuvée from a family plot. A 100% Chardonnay, it's ideal both as an aperitif and for intimate moments.

Isabelle, the woman with the hat in every season! But who is she under her hat? Already a woman with a permanent smile on her face. But what if we told you that just 2 years ago, Isabelle was a chartered accountant? But a chartered accountant with a lovely garden by the side of the véloroute.... A strange phrase, but one that took on its full meaning when she decided to open her garden to tourists to share her family history through champagne! And it's easy to see why Isabelle became a chartered accountant: her grandmother, whom she admires so much, loved numbers and accounts. She managed the affairs of a notary who remunerated her with a plot of vines.... And so the story was born, and blossomed when she met her husband, a winemaker! She's delighted to tell this story when she welcomes tourists from all over the world, a world she travels to discover at every opportunity!

His message in a bottle in the sea:
Don't forget to be happy!

Isabelle's discovery of Champagne
For Isabelle, Champagne means opening your doors and revealing yourself as a woman! Whether it's the gates of her magnificent landscaped garden,estate or the history of her family in the broadest sense, she simply loves to share and meet you. Under her hat, with a smile on her face and a spontaneous laugh, Isabelle always has an anecdote to tell and loves to chat with you.

Creating links is what drives her every day!

Champagne Hubert Noiret, villevenard


His pleasure cuvée: "La pièce des Aulnes", from the vines planted by his grandfather in 1962. A generous, round, 100% meunier cuvée that envelops the palate in fine blles of pleasure!

Nathalie is a child of the Marais who grew up between the endless reeds, the Petit Morin and the wine-growing hillsides. A gentle, sensitive child who for a time passed on her emotions by playing the piano, before using it in her work as a winemaker. Her sensitivity is her driving force. She loves to share her family history and her marshes through the seasons, to which she remains humble and connected. With her husband, they had their third baby: their own champagne house
! Nathalie invests herself in everything she undertakes, perhaps because she feels it so strongly within her! Her children, write about the Marais, and loves to be surprised by bursts of laughter, whether with her husband, family, friends or tourists! As for her love of fish, you won't be surprised to learn that she adores the ponds of the Marais, Lake Annecy and floating islands!

His message in a bottle in the sea

Discovering Champagne according to Nathalie
A beautiful tasting room overlooking the marshes and vineyards: the starting point for Nathalie's welcome. She'll tell you all about her family's history in the heart of the Marais and their cuvées, some of which are vinified in oak barrels in a beautiful cellar. She will show you a viewpoint in the heart of the vineyards, with a magnificent view of the ponds she loves so much.

before finishing with a tasting that's just like being with friends!

Champagne Anthony Betouzet, Dormans


His pleasure cuvée: the "Brut Nature" cuvée, light, delicate and fresh, a pleasure to enjoy as an aperitif with friends! A blend and a perfect balance between Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Emilie is bubbling over with projects, ideas, audacity and, above all, life! One of the books that touches her the most is "La Tresse" by Laetitia Colombani: three women, three lives, three continents with the same thirst for freedom.... Emilie is touched by so many women: those who are enterprising, those who are mothers, those who shake things up, the working girls, those who manage everything or who are sometimes underwater, those who are confident or who sometimes doubt a little! She's a bit of all these women! She never stops! So she walks a lot and does pilates, to find the silence she needs to think more! How to get Emilie to take a break? Get together with her friends as often as possible, and if you want to make her really suspend time, make her some brioche perdu! Emilie is a gourmet who likes to please herself and the people around her!

His message in a bottle in the sea
Carpe Diem!

Emilie in Champagne
Emilie in Champagne! Atestate or at the heart of the "Dormans Effervescences" winegrowers' association, she's always keen to create festive moments and pass on her know-how. She's a chameleon! She's equally at ease entertaining on an intimate scale, or on a grand scale at the Château's apéros, where several hundred people gather for Champagne pleasure! Her Champagne?

Together, with other winemakers driven by the same desire to share!