What kind of wine tourist are you?

Champagne and its pleasures !

10 experiences to live

I am fascinated by the vineyard hillsides!

Lines, lines!

The vineyard slopes fascinate in all seasons and are a landscape in their own right! Lines that follow valleys, hillsides, meanders of water, along the forests .... These lines whose end is sometimes invisible, this captivating regularity, musical staves whose clusters form the notes for the most beautiful chords. Some of our winegrowers will take you to meet this land, will make you discover their work in all seasons and will give you their know-how or their "savoir-terre" which gives the particularity to each variety. Follow them on a trip to the "galipes"!

For me, it is the story of men and women!

Meet the faces of the land called Champagne!

Champagne would not exist without the stories of families who have been cultivating the land for many generations or who are just starting out too! Many of our Champagne winemakers have chosen to share all this history, their history. Champagne, nectar of the Gods, certainly, but we must not forget that it is made by the hand and the heart of men and women of the earth. That's what Champagne is all about! Our winegrowers offer you visits of their cellars, their vineyards but also tastings of clear or commented wines by putting their smile, their passionate look, their commitment, their history... Don't miss the meeting which will offer you the emotion of the delicious memory when some time later you will open one of their bottle of Champagne that you will share with your family or with friends!

I want to see the heart of Champagne!

Underground, another world...

Cellars fascinate... They are mysterious, captivating, dizzying.... Whether they are in the heart of the chalk or modern. All these bottles, these vintages... the treasure of the wine growers which sometimes waits for many years before arriving on the front of the scene, so that one tastes them.Some winegrowers are keen to reveal some of the secrets of their cellars. Cellars sometimes built by their ancestors! The cellar becomes a part of the history of the family but also of the History of Champagne. Visits, tastings in the cellars, you will live a moment out of time in the heart of the soil but also a little in the heart of the soul of the wine grower and the wine groweress.

I am greedy!

Playing chords!

Champagne lunch, yes, because Champagne is a wine! It is the story of grape varieties, of wine making, of a know-how that will meet a dish. The Champagne will sublimate the food and vice versa... At this moment another story is written: the story of French gastronomy. And as our winegrowers are passionate, they offer you to share moments around the table and some of them even concoct surprising tastings: pure meunier or champagne and sushi or champagne and chocolate....

I'm a backpack and wicker basket!

Time for a picnic!

What if you had a picnic with Champagne? You smile because it seems a bit out of place... Champagne is the wine of moments to be shared in all their forms, don't forget it! So imagine yourself in the heart of these unique landscapes.... A gentle sun, a light wind, fresh grass or a small wooden table that has seen many moments with friends or family.... "The sound of delicate bubbles enhances this moment! Accompanied by regional products, the precious beverage will offer you an unforgettable moment! Some of our winemakers offer picnic baskets or even picnic days! 

I cultivate the simple pleasures of bubbles!

Champagne uninhibited !

Do we have to wait for Christmas, a wedding, a big event to drink Champagne? The answer is no because Champagne is the wine of pleasure and especially of emotion! And emotion can be everywhere and here, in the Paysages de la Champagne, enjoy the uninhibited champagne ! Guinguette spirit, banks of the Marne, Champagne bar, gardens, terraces in the heart of the vineyard, concerts.... 


There is no one more curious than me!

Did you say unusual?

What if Champagne was discovered differently, by shaking up the codes a little? Buggy, solex, electric scooter, bicycle, small train, horseback riding, cruises.... Is your curiosity aroused? Do you want to discover a secret Champagne? Colorful experiences are waiting for you and some of them are a little bit different but they all have the same point in common: the discovery, the sharing and the emotions in the heart of the Champagne vineyard. It seems that you will even discover some secret places... but we'll keep the surprise for you!






I like to live the beginnings!

We harvest what we like!

The harvest ! Magic moment of effervescence in Champagne! It is the first day.... The landscapes come to life.... Tractor, heads and backs in the hillsides, colored boxes at the foot of the vines and then the first presses in the presses and this magic smell that will float for a few weeks in Champagne.... The smell of the freshly extracted grape juice, promising for the vintages of the years to come. The noise in the vineyards, the morning snack at the end of the vineyard, the laughter, the joy, and when tiredness is there at the end of the day, the naps in the sun after a hard day of work.... In the evening it is around a big table that we offer ourselves a break, we have little pain in the back, but what happiness to find ourselves once a year! The grape pickers and the wine growers form a beautiful family. Share this moment during a harvest day at our producers. Champagne starts here, when the hand proudly picks the fruit of a year's work.


I am concerned about ecology!

The commitment of a new generation!

High Environmental Value, sustainable viticulture, biodynamics, ancestral techniques using natural materials, ecology.... Here are the new faces of winegrowing in Champagne who draw on the know-how of their elders and their family history to continue to write their own with these concepts and, above all, these commitments that they hold dear. They will make you discover a Champagne where the earth is the starting point of their work and source of inspiration! Single-vineyard vintages, single-variety vintages, blends, vintages... This new generation is shaking up the codes and promoting ancestral know-how. Exciting meetings and tastings of Champagnes full of emotion!

I love being part of the family!

Always open the doors!

La tradition des portes ouvertes ! Une fois l’an, les familles de vignerons reçoivent sur leur exploitation. Un rendez-vous incontournable depuis des générations. Au programme, leur terroir à travers la découverte de leurs cuvées, de leur travail dans une ambiance festive. Le monde de la terre étant une grande famille en France, chaque année ils invitent d’autres producteurs : vins, produits du terroir et même artisanat ! Des moments qui mettent fièrement à l’honneur le savoir-faire français et on peut être fiers de cette richesse !